Jachenau Summer Vacation
Jachenau: 787 meters

Winter Winter Jachenau

Vacation in Jachenau

Welcome to Jachenau
Jachenau is a village where you can relax, and enjoy unspoiled nature combined with great culture and a rich history. A unique holiday destination.

Mountain Sports
Fresh mountain air pulls you to the outdoors here, to enjoy during one of the many hiking possibilities or to explore the challenging biking and mountain bike trails.

Water Sports
The Kochelsee is such a lake that has all the characteristics of the water sports that this region has to offer, as many fishermen already know from personal experience.

The two lakes tour is on paved roads without major increases and only 90 meters difference in altitude, along the Walchensee and the Sylvensteinsee.

Accomodaties Accommodations Jachenau

Tourist information office

Dorf 51 1/2 83676 Jachenau
Telephone: +43 (0)8043 919891
Email: info@toelzer-land.de
Internet: http://www.toelzer-land.de

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