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Nußdorf am Inn: 480 meters

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Welcome to Nußdorf am Inn
Nußdorf am Inn is one of the most beautiful villages in Europe with flowering gardens, ornate balconies, natural fruit orchards, beautiful farmstead and village life as it once was commonplace.

Mountain Sports
Mountaineering around one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany, with numerous hiking trails and challenging trails for mountain biking. A beautiful area for Nordic Walking.

Water Sports
The lake is the center within the region for water sports, the highlights are the Fraueninsel and Herreninsel, which is certainly worth exploring. With or without their own sailboat.

The 25 km long archaeological hiking trail runs through three villages, and 4000 years of history, and starts at the Roman museum Bedaium in Seebruck am Chiemsee.

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Tourist information office

Brannenburger Straße 10 83131 Nussdorf
Telephone: +49 (0)8034 907920

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