Tussenhausen Summer Vacation
Tussenhausen: 575 meters

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Vacation in Tussenhausen

Welcome to Tussenhausen
Tussenhausen is located about 10 kilometers north of Mindelheim, and eight kilometers from the highway. A quiet town, with many opportunities for active recreation.

Mountain Sports
Enjoy the beautiful countryside on long walks or bike rides, or challenge to the mountains on a mountainbike.

Water Sports
In Unterallgäu watersports is unique. Not only in the thermal spa, but also in the pools and lakes.

The Angel Berger Back-Häusla is a piece of cultural heritage., and shows how life used to be.

Accommodations Accommodations Tussenhausen

Tourist information office

Maximilian-Philipp-Str. 32 86842 Tussenhausen
Telephone: +49 (0)8245 530
Email: tourismus@lra.unterallgaeu.de
Internet: http://www.tourismus-unterallgaeu.de

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