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Waginger See: 400 - 600 meters

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Vacation in the Ferienregion Waginger See - Salzachtal

Welcome to the Ferienregion Waginger See - Salzachtal
The Waginger See - Salzachtal is a region wich has much to offer on the edge of the Alps. Beaches and mountains, a combination you will not often see.

A relaxing vacation, time to relax in a natural setting with many beautiful moments and a beautiful alpine scenery, but also with many nice trips.

Villages Region

Fridolfing Fridolfing Taching-Tengling Taching-Tengling
Kirchanschöring Kirchanschöring Tittmoning Tittmoning
Petting Petting Waging am See Waging am See

Mountain Sports
A quiet area where you can still enjoy a variety of mountain sports at short distances. The Alps are ideally suited for family trips in the mountains and hills, and offer opportunities for cycling and hiking and mountain biking.

Water Sports
Enjoy swimming, surfing and sailing on the beautiful lakes, or enjoy a picnic on the waterfront.

Dive into the time of the Bajuwaren. The museum contains finds from (among others) Petting, and shows the life of the natives.

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Tourist information office

Salzburger Strasse 32 83329 Waging am See
Telephone: +49 (0)8681 313
Email: info@waginger-see.de
Internet: http://www.wagingersee-salzachtal.de