Absdorf Summer Vacation 182 meters

Vacation in Absdorf

Absdorf was very early inhabited.
Absdorf was according finds inhabited very early, and is a fun and charming village with many recreational opportunities.

The village has become famous thanks to the Österreichischen Bundesbahnen.

Already in the year 1870, the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Bahn opened from Vienna to Eggenburg, and from the village a railway was built to Krems and the Wachau in 1872.

Mountain Sports
Around Absdorf lies a soft and beautiful scenery that is ideal for outdoor sports such as hiking and cycling.

Water Sports
Although there is no pool in the village, the region has ample opportunities to offer for water sports, like many swimming pools.

Attractions include the local history museum, the statue Hl. Mauritius, the Wine Road Wagram, and the parish church of St. Mauritius.

Winter Winter Neder-Oostenrijk

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