Aichfeld Summer Vacation
Aichfeld: 600 - 1.200 meters

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Welcome to Aichfeld
The Aichfeld is in recent years increasingly popular as a tourist destination and has much to offer in the summer months, such as the racetrack.

A beautiful valley surrounded by majestic peaks, where you can enjoy unspoiled and abundant nature, and numerous recreational opportunities.

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Ski Resorts Region

Flatschach Flatschach Gaaler Lifte Gaaler Lifte
Gaal Gaal Kleinlobming Kleinlobming
Großlobming Großlobming
Kleinlobming Kleinlobming
Knittelfeld Knittelfeld
Seckau Seckau
Spielberg Spielberg
St. Marein bei Knittelfeld St. Marein bei Knittelfeld
Zeltweg Zeltweg

Mountain Sports
The softness of nature in this region, makes a lot of mountain sports possible, even for those not directly are willing to climb the mountain tops.

Water Sports
The region offers various water sports, such as the idyllic Weiermoarteich in Seckau, where in winter you can skate well.

Schloss Prankh was already in the 12th century, in the form of a tower in able to defend the region against attackers, and was from the 13th century continually expanded.

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