Aschach an der Donau

Aschach an der Donau Summer Vacation Aschach an der Donau: 270 meters

Vacation in Aschach an der Donau

The charming village Aschach an der Donau.
Aschach an der Donau is a charming village on the Danube, and has traditionally been a marketplace between Passau and Linz.

By the central location at the Danube, with Danube Transition, and its location on the railroad, the village has been for hundreds of years an important trading center.

The wealth that this has arisen, and the rich history, you can still see today, for example at the historic center.

Unique is the,, to the river open, marketplace.

Mountain Sports
The region is really full of activities and outdoor sports, but especially hikers and cyclists will enjoy a very good time here, with many beautiful routes.

Water Sports
Although the river runs right past the village, there are no real opportunities for water sports, which are offered obviously in the holiday region.

The historic center.
Worth seeing are the market and the historic center, with town houses from the Middle Ages.

Also the local museum, the parish church and the Danube Cross, are major attractions.

Winter Winter Aschach an der Donau
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