Egg am der Günz

Egg an der Günz Summer Vacation
Egg an der Günz: 587 meters

Winter Winter Egg an der Günz

Vacation in Egg an der Günz

Welcome to Egg an der Günz
Egg an der Günz lies between Babenhausen and Memmingen, in an agricultural region. An attractive destination with plenty of rest a beautiful nature.

Mountain Sports
Enjoy the beautiful countryside on long walks or bike rides, or challenge to the mountains on a mountainbike.

Water Sports
In Unterallgäu watersports is unique. Not only in the thermal spa, but also in the pools and lakes.

Enjoy the water, while your body can relax in the "Wassertretanlage". On hot summer days, a wonderful experience.

Accommodations Accommodations Egg an der Günz

Tourist information office

Hauptstr. 1 87743 Egg an der Günz
Telephone: +49 (0)8333 1241

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