Faak am See Hiking

Faak am See Summer Vacation

Hiking Routes

Finkenstein - Baumgartnerhof
time: ± 3 hours
easy route
From the tourist office in Faak am See by Pogöriach to the Sandbrube. Go right here and follow the marker 683 along the downhill runs to the street to the castle and Altfinkenstein (certainly take the time to view the castle). Continue past the chapel to the Baumgartnerhof. Back there are several possibilities.

time: ± 3 hours
easy route
From the fitness trail on the Faakstrand direction east. At the intersection of the fitness roads cross the small stream (not to the right) and to the ruins of the Alten Mühle. To Oberferlach, go through under the railway, through the woods. Follow the blue-white markers to Hotel Mittagskogel. From here a short stretch along the Rosenthalstrasse (B85), turn right into the Pipelinestraße. At the climb follow the white-red markers to the Paradieswiesen. Further along the sawing mill, back under the railway to Oberferlach. Cross the street (B85) and again (follow the blue-white flag) to Hotel Mittagskogel. Follow the red-white marking on the horse path, through under the railway and back through the fitness trail.