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Forstau - Fageralm Summer Vacation
Forstau - Fageralm: 920 - 1.800 meters

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Vacation in Forstau - Fageralm

Welcome to Forstau - Fageralm
Forstau is just a little cozier and friendlier than other holiday villages. The village is located in the Salzburgerland, in the middle of Austria, not far from the appealing Fageralm, the scenic hiking and skiing area.

Mountain Sports
A beautiful area for an active holiday, with hikes and stunning high-level and mountain bike trails, especially around the Fageralm.

Water Sports
The region offers several beautiful mountain lakes, outdoor swimming pools and indoor pools. Therefore there are several opportunities for water sports around the Dachstein.

Forsti's Fitnessweg, along with "Forsti - the walking dwarf" you can enjoy the 2.5 kilometer long fitnessroad, and of course do a workout.

Accommodations Accommodations Forstau - Fageralm

Tourist information office

Forstau 111 5552 Forstau
Telephone: +43 (0)6454 8325

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