Feldkirchen Sommerurlaub 557 -882 meters

Vacation in Feldkirchen

The region Feldkirchen has always been a unique experience.
The old city is located in the heart of Carinthia, amidst lush green forests and meadows.

A wonderful world, where living is good, and where you can enjoy a wonderful summer vacation.

By its central location, the city and the region also provides other kinds of trips, such as to the Ossiacher See.

Moreover, there are in the region many lakes, you can hike on the Simonhöhe, and the region is an ideal destination if you during the holiday want to enjoy culture.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Glanegg Glanegg Sankt Urban Sankt Urban
Sankt Urban Sankt Urban
Steuerberg Steuerberg

Mountain Sports
A perfect summer region, to be outside to enjoy active sports like hiking, mountain biking and cycling.

Well-marked hiking and cycling routes for all abilities.

In Feldkirchen is a sport airport, so that you can see the beautiful Carinthia from a aerial viewing.

Water Sports
A large number of lakes are located in the region, including the Maltschacher See, with beach and campsites.

The Flatschacher See is worth a visit.

Moreover, the Ossiacher See also not far. A perfect area for water sports.

Pfarrkirche Hl. Andreas.
Wachsenberg - Pfarrkirche Hl. Andreas. The parish church St. Andrew is already visible from afar on a hill and is surrounded on three sides by the walls of the cemetery.

Winter sports Winter Sankt Urban - Simonhöhe

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