Gallizien Summer Vacation 436 meters

Vacation in Gallizien

Gallizien is a nice holiday village.
Gallizien is a nice holiday village on the border between the Rosental and the Jauntal.

A village with a natural spectacle that is worth visiting. The Wildensteiner waterfall plunges 54 meters into the depth, with much thunder and roar.

The walk to the waterfall takes only 20 minutes, and is open to everyone.

Mountain Sports
Around Gallizien are excellent opportunities for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers.

In the village are also opportunities to explore Nature on Icelandic horses.

Water Sports
The Linsendorfer See is located in the old riverbed of the Drava and provides a water area of approximately 3 acres and a meadow of about 6,000 m², and entrance is free.

Here you can swim and surf at a very good water quality. The water temperature is between 18 to 20°.

St. Jacob the elder.
The parish church of St. Jacob the elder has a Madonna from the year 1425.

The church in Abtei will amaze with a beautiful Christopherus fresco. The fresco is located on the south wall.

Winter sports Winter Petzen

Tourist information office

Schulstraße 10 9122 St. Kanzian am Klopeiner See
Telephone: +43 (0)4239 2222

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