Gramais  Summer Vacation 1.328 meters

Vacation in Gramais

Gramais is the smallest 1.municipality in Austria.
Gramais is the smallest 1.municipality in Austria, with just over 50 inhabitants.

Hospitality here is very important here, and you immediately notice this when you come here as a guest.

A village that is unprecedented in a beautiful area with unique flora and fauna, and 5 mountain lakes.

Mountain Sports
Gramais is surrounded by a unique flora and fauna, beautiful wild streams with waterfalls, five mountain lakes and numerous mountain peaks.

An ideal destination for hikers and cyclists.

Water Sports
The surrounding villages offer swimming pools and other water sports.

Sights and attractions.
In the Lech Valley, are several fun sights and attractions, so you won't have to experience any dull moment.

Winter sports Winter Lechtaler Bergbahnen

Tourist information office

Nr 8 6651 Gramais
Telephone: +43 (0)5634 5315

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