Grein an der Donau

Grein an der Donau Summer Vacation Grein an der Donau: 239 meters

Vacation in Grein an der Donau

Grein an der Donau is ideally situated.
Grein an der Donau is located between the Danube and granite.

The village enjoys an ideal location where you can enjoy both worlds.

The beautiful Donau, and the landscape around the river and the hilly landscape away from the river.

Mountain Sports
Mountaineering and other sports, here are mainly devoted to healthy exercise.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery and the view, always with the beautiful Donau in the background.

Water Sports
The outdoor swimming pool, offers a large pool and a special section for non-swimmers, but also a slide and a special section for small children.

Haus St. Antonius.
In and around the village, are many attractions, such as the monastery Haus St. Anthony and the beautiful castle.

Winter Winter Grein an der Donau
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Tourist information office

Lindengasse 9 4040 Linz
Telephone: +43 (0)732 7277 800

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