Großgmain Summer Vacation 540 meters

Vacation in Großgmain

Großgmain is surrounded by meadows, forests and mountains.
The village Großgmain is located in the Austro-Bavarian Alps, surrounded by meadows, forests and mountains.

The village is a perfect holiday village.

Here city dwellers who suffer from stress find all possibilities to unwind and enjoy.

Mountain Sports
The beautiful countryside is ideal for various mountain sports, such as hiking or mountain biking.

Water Sports
The region around the city of Salzburg has several pools to offer, and a little further away some very beautiful lakes.

Burgruine Plainburg.
A half kilometers from Großgmain, Lie the ruins of the former castle.

Best preserved are the gatehouse, and the thick walls.

Very nice is also the open-air museum.

Winter sports Winter Untersberg Grödig

Tourist information office

Salzburger Straße 250 5084 Großgmain
Telephone: +43 (0)6246 73570

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