Gschwandt Summer Vacation 523 meters

Vacation in Gschwandt

Gschwandt is an attractive village.
Gschwandt is an attractive village with a rural character, and is four kilometers north-east of Gmunden am Traunsee.

The hilly landscape, still largely untouched, offers many recreational opportunities and an impressive view of the Traunstein and Höllengebirge.

Mountain Sports
Gschwandt offers many opportunities for hikers and mountain bikers, and other mountain sports are around the Traunsee possible.

Water Sports
The Traunsee, which lies between the gentle hills of the Alps, is the third largest lake in Austria.

Here you can find almost all water sports, from diving to swimming, from sailing to fishing.

The parish church.
The parish church, a late Gothic country church, dates from the second half of the 15th century, is known for its Gothic features, such as the gothic gate on the south side of the building.

Winter Winter Feuerkogel

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