Hieflau Summer Vacation
Hieflau: 608 - 2.369 meters

Winter Winter Hieflau

Vacation in Hieflau

Welcome to Hieflau
Hieflau lies between the beautiful peaks of the Gesäuse, the Eizerner Alps and the Hochschwang group. A picturesque village, connected with the history of charcoal.

Mountain Sports
Climbing in Alpinpark Johnsbach, bicycle routes, discover routes, mountain bike trails and an extensive network of hiking trails. Mountaineering in a beautiful region.

Water Sports
A perfect region as you enjoy the mountains and water sports, five outdoor and indoor pools, ample opportunities for rafting, and the Jonsbach and the Enns for fishing.

Around the village are several old charcoal kilns were charcoal is fabricated. A typical trade for this region.

Accommodations Accommodations Hieflau

Tourist information office

Hauptstraße 35 8911 Admont
Telephone: +43 (0)3613 2116010
Email: info@gesaeuse.at
Internet: http://www.gesaeuse.at

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