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Vacation in Hinterriss / Eng

Hinterriss lies in the middle of the Karwendel.
The idyllic village Hinterriss is situated near Vomp in the middle of the Karwendel.

A tip for anyone looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday, without stress. Even vacationers who seek an active holiday, are totally in the right placehere, both in winter and in summer.

Mountain Sports
Discover the Karwendel Mountains, the impressive mountain peaks, meadows, valleys, and the many cozy mountain huts.

One of the largest unspoiled natural landscapes in Europe, the most famous protected area of Tyrol, and the largest nature reserve in Austria.

Hinterriss is an ideal base for mountain bikers who want to discover this nature on many challenging and easy trails.

During one of the many walks that are suitable for the whole family, you can discover nature.

Water Sports
The small village has no opportunities for water sports. Which can be found in Familien- und Erlebnisfreischwimmbad Schwaz, and outdoor swimming pools in Jenbach and Stans.

The Großer Ahornboden.
Attractions include the Naturparkhaus, the somewhat different museum, and the Großer Ahornboden, where you can admire Maple trees, some of which are here for 500 years.

Winter sports Winter Kellerjochbahn

Tourist information office

Franz-Josef-Starße 2 6130 Schwaz
Telephone: +43 (0)5242 63240
Email: info@silberregion-karwendel.at
Internet: http://www.silberregion-karwendel.at

Surrounding Villages
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