Hochneukirchen - Gschaidt Summer Vacation 772 meters

Vacation in Hochneukirchen - Gschaidt

Hochneukirchen lies on the roof of the Bucklige Welt.
Hochneukirchen - Gschaidt lies not above the clouds, but just below, on the roof of the Bucklige Welt.

A lovely view of the Alps, over the "Buckeln", the hills that overlap on the horizon.

Mountain Sports
Around the village there are various mountain sports and other outdoor sports, such as hiking and mountain biking at various scenic routes.

Water Sports
If you want to go swimming during the holidays, then this region has some very nice pools to offer.

Worth seeing are the parish church, the Dreiländer Stein and am Hutwisch tower, the highest viewing platform in the Bucklige Welt.

Winter sports Winter Lower Austria

Tourist information office

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