Hollenthon Summer Vacation 661 meters

Vacation in Hollenthon

Hollenthon is eminently suitable for various outdoor activities.
Hollenthon is located in a wooded area in the heart of the Bucklige Welt.

A region that is eminently suitable for various outdoor activities such as walking, cycling or mountain biking.<

Mountain Sports
The region around Hollenthon offers various outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and mountain biking, and for horseback riding there are also several possibilities here.

Water Sports
In the Bucklige Welt you can enjoy water sports, and some very nice swimming pools.

Schmerzensmann von Spratzeck.
Worth seeing are the chapel Schmerzensmann von Spratzeck, the parish church, and the ruins Stickelberg and the Hanserlstein and Türkenhöhle.

Winter sports Winter Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Ransdorf 20 2813 Lichtenegg
Telephone: +43 (0)2643 701019
Email: tourismus@buckligewelt.at
Internet: http://www.buckligewelt.at

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