Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt Summer Vacation 423 meters

Vacation in Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt

Kirchschlag is distinguished by the castle.
Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt is distinguished by the castle, which is visible from afar.

A nice holiday destination with many activities in and around the village, such as the model plane airfield.

Mountain Sports
Around Kirchschlag is a natural décor that, especially if you go hiking, is very impressive.

And of course you can also look at these beautiful natural on the mountain bike.

Water Sports
Swimming is possible in other villages in the region, while other water sports are also offered.

The castle.
The castle, which stands high above the village, was formerly occupied by great nobility, such as the Counts von Wildon from Styria.

Winter sports Winter Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Ransdorf 20 2813 Lichtenegg
Telephone: +43 (0)2643 701019

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