Klostertal Sightseeing

Klostertal Summer Vacation



Natural Monument Fallbach. The clear mountain water falls 1430 meters down to 820 meters. The waterfall is 60 degrees style in the middle section. A fascinating spectacle of nature that the rock of the mountain has been dragging. At the foot of this imposing natural wonder are the villages Braz and Dalaas.

Hohler Stein

The Hohler Stein is a opening in the rocks of about 5 meters wide by 7 meters high. The opening was the product of weathering on the rocks, and is part of the Roggelskopf at an altitude of 1744 meters. Here you have a fantastic view to the Verwall and Rhätikon. The Hohler Stein is accessible from the, from Braz in about 3 hours.