Köstendorf bei Salzburg

Köstendorf bei Salzburg Summer Vacation 560 meters

Vacation in Köstendorf bei Salzburg

Köstendorf lies in the middle of the Salzburger Seenland.
Köstendorf bei Salzburg is a friendly and welcoming village in the middle of the Salzburger Seenland.

An ideal area for various trips such as to the Wenger Moor am Wallersee.

An area also, to relax and enjoy the scenery during long or short walks along the Arnoweg or in the flat land around the Wallersee.

Mountain Sports
The region around Köstendorf is a paradise for hikers, with some very nice hiking trails, such as the Arnoweg.

Also you can enjoy a unique vacation experience in this area, by walking the Jakobsweg or Via Nova.

Water Sports
In the Salzburg Seenland are several lakes where various water sports are possible, such as swimming, surfing and fishing, while you can rent a boat.

Wenger Moor.
Attractions include the Wenger Moor, a nature reserve, the for children very nice amusement park Vulcanino, and the Heimatmuseum.

Winter Winter sports Salzburg

Tourist information office

Seeweg 1 5164 Seeham
Telephone: +43 (0)6217 20220
Email: info@salzburger-seenland.at
Internet: http://www.salzburger-seenland.at

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