Lavamünd Summer Vacation 345 - 1.100 meters

Vacation in Lavamünd

Lavamünd is a nice holiday village.
Lavamünd is a nice holiday village in the Lavant Valley and offers everything you expect during a quiet summer vacation.

Beautiful forests, meadows and pastures, and many activities.

Mountain Sports
A very beautiful area, what you can see best while walking around the village, and during trips on the bike, as on the Zeil-Kasbauer-Tour.

Water Sports
The natural swimming lake has a water surface of 9000 m², a large sunbathing area, a water slide of 20 meters, a 3 meter diving board, and a campsite.

Lorenzenberger Heimatmuseum.
The Lorenzenberger Heimatmuseum shows visitors the history and early life of the residents.

Winter sports Winter Klippitztörl

Tourist information office

Minoritenplatz 1 9400 Wolfsberg
Telephone: +43 (0)4352 2878

Surrounding Villages
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