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Maria Buch - Feistritz: 650 meters

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Welcome to Maria Buch - Feistritz
Maria Buch - Feistritz is a fun holiday village that is known of the pilgrimage church that attracts many tourists every year. The surrounding countryside is very attractive to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Mountain Sports
Mountaineering, but slightly different. Walking through the beautiful scenery, climbing on excellent facilities, but also space for sports like archery.

Water Sports
A nice area for water sports. Unique opportunities for fishing, like fishing for crayfish which makes the region unique.

The pilgrimage church is one of the oldest pilgrimage churches in Styria, and annually attracts thousands on pilgrimage to this village. The annual women's days are traditionally August 15 and September 8.

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Tourist information office

Eppenstein 2 8741 Weißkirchen
Telephone: +43 (0)3577 82259
Email: gde@Maria Buch -
Internet: http://www.Maria Buch -

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