Melk Summer Vacation 222 meters

Vacation in Melk

Melk offers many beautiful things.
Milk is a holiday destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of guests, including to the world famous monastery.

The town has city rights, for over 100 years and was first mentioned in a document in 831.

The special feature is its compactness.

No other European city offers so many beautiful things, in such a small space.

Mountain Sports
Milk is also a destination that offers opportunities for various sports.

Cyclists can enjoy, among other, on the Melktalradweg, the Danube Cycle Path, and the Pielachtalradweg, while hikers find very nice hiking trails as the Schallaburg hiking trail.

Water Sports
The Wachaubad has a sports pool and a children's pool, a waterfall, climb circus, and a water slide of 70 meters in length.

Attractions include the Donaukraftwerk, the parish church, obviously the very beautiful monastery, the old bread store, and several other old buildings in the city center.

Winter Winter Neder-Oostenrijk

Tourist information office

Kremser Straße 5 3390 Melk
Telephone: +43 (0)2852 51160

Surrounding Villages
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