Mitterkirchen Summer Vacation Mitterkirchen: 234 meters

Vacation in Mitterkirchen

Mitterkirchen has a long history.
Mitterkirchen was first in the year 1111 mentioned in a document, but the region is inhabited much longer.

The village therefore has a long history, which you can see at sights, such as the open-air museum, and various excavations that took place here.

Mountain Sports
Around the village are particularly opportunities for walkers and cyclists, with beautiful cycle routes as the Danube Cycle Path, the Keltenweg, and the Fünf Rivers Road.

Water Sports
At the village is a beautiful lake, where the bathing area is. The bath has various facilities such as a playground for children.

The Celtic Village is an outdoor museum, where you can experience how the former inhabitants, the Celts, have lived, and is built on the basis of excavations around the village.

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