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Vacation in Mölbling

Mölbling lies near Althoven.
Mölbling lies near Althoven in the beautiful Hemmaland.

This part of Carinthia is known for its gentle hills, lush meadows and peaceful atmosphere.

Mountain Sports
A wonderful region, with infinitely long hiking trails, very beautiful bike paths and challenging trails for mountain bikers, through an impressive landscape.

Water Sports
In the surrounding villages are a few outdoor pools, including the pool in Görlitztal.

The large lakes in Carinthia are also easily accessible.

Kräutergarten Dreifaltigkeit.
In the Hemmaland region are many sights and attractions, such as the very informative and nice smelling Kräutergarten Dreifaltigkeit.

Winter Winter sports Carinthia

Tourist information office

Mölbling 16 9330 Althofen
Telephone: +43 (0)4262 2338
Email: info@kaerntenmitte.at
Internet: http://www.hemmaland.at

Surrounding Villages
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