Oberallgäu: 585 - 2.694 meters

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Vacation in the Oberallgäu

Welcome to the Oberallgäu
The Oberallgäu is a region that has much to offer. An area for family and fun, with many traditions. A unique landscape between 585 and 2694 meters altitude, in which for every guest many activities and events are offered.

Also a region, where all senses are stimulated, where you can really enjoy the goodness that makes life in this part of Bavaria so beautiful.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Altusried Altusried Adelharz-Breitenstein Lifte Adelharz-Breitenstein Lifte
Bad Hindelang Bad Hindelang Balderschwang Balderschwang
Balderschwang Balderschwang Bolsterlang Hörnergruppe Bolsterlang Hörnergruppe
Betzigau Betzigau Buchenberg Buchenberg
Blaichach Blaichach Buronlifte Wertach Buronlifte Wertach
Buchenberg Buchenberg Ellegg Skilifte Faistenoy Ellegg Skilifte Faistenoy
Burgberg Burgberg Fellhorn Kanzelwand Fellhorn Kanzelwand
Dietmannsried Dietmannsried Grasgehrenlifte Grasgehrenlifte
Durach Durach Grünten Grünten
Fischen im Allgäu Fischen im Allgäu Hörnergruppe / Fischen Hörnergruppe / Fischen
Haldenwang Haldenwang Hündle - Thalkirchdorf Hündle - Thalkirchdorf
Immenstadt im Allgäu Immenstadt im Allgäu Imbergbahn Imbergbahn
Jungholz im Allgäu Jungholz im Allgäu Immenstadt - Alpsee Bergwelt Immenstadt - Alpsee Bergwelt
Kempten Kempten Isny Isny
Lauben Lauben Mittag Skicenter Mittag Skicenter
Missen - Wilhams Missen - Wilhams Oberjoch Bad Hindelang Oberjoch Bad Hindelang
Obermaiselstein Obermaiselstein Oberstdorf Nebelhorn Oberstdorf Nebelhorn
Oberstaufen Oberstaufen Oberstdorf / Söllereck - Höllwies Oberstdorf / Söllereck - Höllwies
Oberstdorf im Allgäu Oberstdorf im Allgäu Oberwilhams Oberwilhams
Ofterschwang Ofterschwang Ofterschwang Ofterschwang
Oy-Mittelberg Oy-Mittelberg Schwäbeleholz - Sonthofen Schwäbeleholz - Sonthofen
Rettenberg Rettenberg Schwärzenlifte Eschach Schwärzenlifte Eschach
Sonthofen Sonthofen Skilift Argental - Weitnau Skilift Argental - Weitnau
Sulzberg im Allgäu Sulzberg im Allgäu Skilift Gerhalde Skilift Gerhalde
Waltenhofen Waltenhofen Skilift Gohrersberg Skilift Gohrersberg
Weitnau Weitnau Skilifte Schindelberg Skilifte Schindelberg
Wertach Wertach Skilifte Sinswang Skilifte Sinswang
Wiggensbach Wiggensbach Spieserlifte in Unterjoch Spieserlifte in Unterjoch
Wildpoldsried Wildpoldsried Steibis - Hochgrat Steibis - Hochgrat
Stixner Skilifte Stixner Skilifte
Thalerhöhe Skilifte Thalerhöhe Skilifte
Thalkirchdorf Thalkirchdorf

Mountain Sports
To look at the unique landscape up close, and discover nature during the many mountain sports possible in this region. Stay active.

Water Sports
Water sports in the many outdoor and indoor pools, and some very beautiful lakes, such as the Rottach See and the Grüntensee.

Many different and often exciting attractions, sometimes smaller, the region has to offer, from museums to a beautiful lookout tower.

Accomodaties Accommodations Oberallgäu

Tourist information office

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Email: info@oberallgaeu.de
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