Jungholz Summer Vacation 1.058 meters

Vacation in Jungholz

Jungholz is a Algäuer herbs village.
The small mountain village Jungholz is a Algäuer herbs village and the only Tyrolean Alpine herbs village.

Jungholz lies at the foot of the Sorgschrofen on a sunny terrace.

Without passing traffic the, village that exists of the parts Langenschwand, Giessenschwand and Habsbichl, ensures rest and relaxation for its guests.

Mountain Sports
In one of the best hiking areas of Austria, also opportunities for mountain bikers and Nordic walking are offered.

Water Sports
The Felsenbad is a heated swimming pool (21 to 23° C) with a large pool, children's pool with water slide for toddlers, sunbathing area of 2500 square meters and a miniature golf course.

The region also offers extensive and good opportunities to fish in For Example Weissenbach, Nesselwängler Ache, Gräner Bach and the Haldensee.

The many herb gardens.
In many herb gardens there are various wild herbs, herbal teas and herbal fragrances. The village is also known as the only Tyrolean Herbs Village.

The herb gardens are home to more than 50 different herbs, including 16 different types of Enzian.

Winter sports Winter Jungholz

Tourist information office

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