Obernberg am Inn

Obernberg am Inn Summer Vacation 358 meters

Vacation in Obernberg am Inn

Obernberg is a thousand year old jewel.
Obernberg is a thousand year old jewel on the beautiful Inn river, and not only because of its beautiful location something special.

The picturesque village has several attractions such as the marketplace, which is undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful in Austria.

Mountain Sports
Obernberg mainly offers opportunities to enjoy, which is an increasingly important part of leisure time. Health

The area around the village is also known for the extensive possibilities for cyclists and hikers, on routes that are suitable for everyone.

Water Sports
The outdoor swimming pool is set in a beautiful landscape, and also offers many facilities including a beautiful lawn, separate areas for swimmers and non-swimmers, and a playground.

The castle complex.
Worth seeing are the castle complex, with its own falconry and a beautiful garden.

Also recommended are the marketplace, the Woerndlehaus, the Apothekerhaus, and the Schiffmeisterhaus.

Winter Winter sports Upper Austria

Tourist information office

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