Obervellach Sommer Vacation 680 meters

Vacation in Obervellach

The cozy village Obervellach.
The cozy and charming village Obervellach is known for its natural charm.

A healthy area and a quiet oasis for relaxation.

Around the village are extremely beautiful hiking routes, you can swim well and several other mountain sports and recreational activities are offered.

Mountain Sports
In and around Obervellach are many leisure activities on offer.

The village has a squash center, tennis courts, opportunities for rafting, a fitness trail, and beautiful hiking routes and trails for mountain bikers.

Water Sports
The family friendly adventure pool offers massage nozzles, showers, a flooded peninsula, a grotto with waterfall, large lawn and playground, solarium and massage.

The biggest attraction is the 68 meters long Blackhole slide with light effects.

The Unterfalkenstein.
The Unterfalkenstein, is one of the oldest castles in Carinthia, with the oldest written reference that dates back to the year 1307.

Although parts of the castle during the fire in 1968 were destroyed, you can still see why the castle was so powerful.

Winter sports Winter Mölltaler Gletscher

Tourist information office

Nr. 21 9831 Obervellach
Telephone: +43 (0)4782 2510
Email: tourismus@nationalpark-hohetauern.at
Internet: http://www.nationalpark-hohetauern.at

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