Olympiaregion Seefeld Sightseeing

Olympiaregion Seefeld Summer Vacation



A reminder of the connection between the different countries in the Alps.

You can follow the Peace trail to this impressive landmark.

Bienenlehrpfad in Reith

At the bee nature trail in Reith you walk in the footsteps of nature.

So you get a better insight into the life of this little honey suppliers, partly on the basis of clear teaching signs and the first "bee hotel' in Austria.

Porta Claudia in Scharnitz

At the former Austrian customs post in Scharnitz, are the ruins of the fortress "Porta Claudia." The fortress was at the opening personally given its name from the hands of Claudia de Medici.


On the way to the mouth of the Danube, the Isar grows to the main river in Bavaria.

In earlier times, high water caused fear and trembling but also happiness and blessing for villages and towns at the banks.

The Isar today is a part of the culture and history of the Alps.

Heimatmuseum - mit Streichelzoo

History - Tradition - Culture. How it was in earlier times, in the Sterzingerhof in Mösern.

Ganghofermuseum in Leutasch

The museum opened in 1999, and offers insight into the life and work of the beloved writer Ludwig Ganghofer and into the Leutascher village history and in the hunt.