Puchberg am Schneeberg Summer Vacation 575 - 2.075 meters

Vacation in Puchberg am Schneeberg

Puchberg am Schneeberg is located in a beautiful nature.
Puchberg am Schneeberg is located about 80 kilometers south of Vienna in a beautiful nature with a healthy climate.

The hallmark is the 2075 meters high Schneeberg, both in winter and in summer a great attraction.

So, a village where you can enjoy plenty of mountains, and various mountain sports.

Mountain Sports
Around the Schneeberg, are some really beautiful hiking trails, such as the Zahnradbahnwanderweg.

Moreover, the village offers many more sports activities.

Water Sports
The outdoor pool not only offers water fun between the mountains, but also a breathtaking mountain panorama.

It's a great place to cool off and enjoy the summer sun.

Kinderbergwelt am Hochschneeberg.
Very nice is the Kinderbergwelt am Hochschneeberg, which is directly at the mountain station of the Schneebergbahn. Here children can play.

For example, on the big wooden locomotive.

Also worth seeing are the Burg-Ruine Puchberg, the Hubertus Chapel, the Kaiserin Elisabeth Kircherl, the Railway Museum, Car Museum and Hausberger.

Winter sports Winter Puchberg am Schneeberg

Tourist information office

Sticklergasse 3 2734 Puchberg
Telephone: +43 (0)2636 225611
Internet: http://www.schneebergland.com

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