St. Jodok Schmirn Vals

St. Jodok am Brenner - Schmirn - Vals Summer Vacation 1.129 - 1.450 meters

Vacation in St. Jodok am Brenner - Schmirn - Vals

St. Jodok am Brenner is best known by railway enthusiasts.
St. Jodok am Brenner is at the intersection of the Schmirntal with the village Schmirn, and the valsertal with the village Vals.

The region is best known by railway enthusiasts because of the corner the track makes here through the mountains and through a tunnel, from the station towards the Brenner.

Two beautiful valleys with largely protected nature, and surrounded by high mountains and rare flora and fauna.

Also a typical stopover traveling for a vacation to Italy.

Mountain Sports
Lovely, that's the only correct wording for the Schmirntal and the Vals valley.

Nowhere else you can enjoy while walking the unique nature, then in this large nature reserve, which is almost completely accessible to hikers.

Water Sports
Swimming is possible in the pool in Steinach am Brenner, with various facilities. Rowing is possible at the Obernberger See.

Nature resort Valsertal.
An enchanting valley with lots of peace and quiet. For stress and bustle there is no place here.

Nature and man are complementary to the Valsertal. Both provide a symbiosis in the cultural landscape, which is beneficial to many rare plants and animals, and which makes common survival possible.

Winter sports Winter Bergeralm

Tourist information office

Brennerstrasse 104 6143 Steinach am Brenner
Telephone: +43 (0)5272 6270

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