Teufenbach Summer Vacation 751 meters

Vacation in Teufenbach

Teufenbach is quiet and yet full of events.
Teufenbach is a lively village in the hills and lies amidst the beautiful landscape of the region Murtal.

Quiet and yet full of events and activities.

Mountain Sports
Around the village and in the region Murtal there are ample opportunities for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers.

Teufenbach does not have a lot of water sports to offer, but in the region are several beautiful pools.

Der Auferstandene
Of interest are Der Auferstandene, the well on the Feuerwehrplatz, the Kluppentier and Holy Margaret.

Winter Winter sports Styria

Tourist information office

Nr. 14 8833 Teufenbach
Telephone: +43 (0)3582 24080
Email: gemeinde@teufenbach.at
Internet: http://www.teufenbach.at

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