Tiroler Oberland Sightseeing

Ferienregion Tiroler Oberland Summer Vacation


Nature park Kaunergrat

A unique park that extends over many kilometers. An ideal place to stroll and enjoy. The nature reserve is the winner of the Tour Site Award from 2010 - 2011.

Bibi's Fairy Tale Forest

Learn about nature playfully, hide in the dense forest, and experience water in all its forms.

Kaunertaler Glacier

Experience this natural wonder at an altitude of 2750 meters.

Sauerbrunnquelle Prutz

Above the Inn, in Entbruck escapes the well in a cave with mineralwater.

Fallender Bach

An impressive natural spectacle is the waterfall where the water falls down 170 meters.

Serfauser Lauser Tösens
This fun museum has an extensive collection of farming among other tools.

Heimatmuseum Pfunds
The museum itself dates from the 14th century, and shows the history of peasant life in Pfunds.

Römerbrücke Tösens
High above the bridge to Untertösens, on the west side of the valley lies the Römerbrücke, in everyday life for the Romans already important.

Wallfahrtskirche Kaltenbrunn
In 1285 a knight built a chapel, which later evolved into this pilgrimage church. The church was completely renovated in the early eighties.