Unterweißenbach Summer Vacation 630 meters

Vacation in Unterweißenbach

Unterweißenbach is het centrum.
Unterweißenbach is the center of the Mühlviertel Alm, and the place where you can enjoy. Winter nature, even in

A perfect holiday destination, where you can shop, in addition to many Leisure options offered here, and the opportunities to relax.

Mountain Sports
Unterweißenbach is an ideal destination if you want to go hiking in the holiday on beautiful trails through nature.

In the village there are also opportunities for mountain bikers, and you can use the archery.

Water Sports
The heated outdoor swimming pool has a separate area for non-swimmers, a trampoline, play area for children, and a large lawn.

Jagdmärchenpark Hirschalm.
Worth seeing are the Nature Park Jagdmärchenpark Hirschalm, the Wegererstein-Aussichtsplattform, the Karlinger Hammerschmiede, and the parish church.

Winter Winter sports Upper Austria

Tourist information office

Nr 19 4273 Unterweißenbach
Telephone: +43 (0)7956 7304 0
Email: office@muehlviertleralm.at
Internet: http://www.muehlviertleralm.at

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