Pyhrn Priel Sightseeing

Pyhrn Priel Summer Vacation


Wild- und Freizeitpark Enghagen.

A unique experience, with more than 400 animals in the park.

Children can ride the train, pony rides, and more.

Wilderermuseum St. Pankraz

In the only poachersmuseum in Europe, the visitor is told in a unique way, the poaching story.

Felsbildermuseum und Lebkuchendorf

The Austrian cave paintings Museum is housed in the restored Barock spaces of the former monastery in Spital am Pyhrn.

Here you will find in addition, the gingerbread village of Spital am Pyhrn. An entire village made of gingerbread.

Panoramaturm Wurbauerkogel

The new visitor center of the national park Kalkalpen on the Wurbauerkogel near Windischgarsten, simply impresses by the unique panorama tower and the recommended exhibition "Fascination Rock".