Waldkirchen am Wesen

Waldkirchen am Wesen Summer Vacation Waldkirchen am Wesen: 613 meters

Vacation in Waldkirchen am Wesen

Waldkirchen am Wesen is not far from the famous Donauschlinge.
Waldkirchen am Wesen lies in the romantic Donautal, not far from the famous Donauschlinge.

Here holidaymakers can enjoy a varied vacation, with many leisure activities, arts and culture and various events.

Mountain Sports
Among many routes for hiking, touring on the Cycle, or touring on the mountain bike, the village also offers a fitness trail.

Water Sports
The swimming beach on the Danube in Wesenufer, is a nice spot where you can swim in the Danube.

From the village, you can also take a boat trip on the Danube.

Kleines Kößelbachtal.
Worth seeing are the Nature Park Kleines Kößelbachtal, the viewpoint Vierviertelblick and the Paschinger Hügel.

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