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Vacation in Wals - Siezenheim

Wals - Siezenheim is located near Salzburg.
Wals - Siezenheim is located near the world famous city of Salzburg.

Despite this beautiful city just around the corner, the village still has its rural flair and charm.

An stunning scenery and an ideal area to enjoy an active holiday.

If you want a piece of culture and a large number of events, then the city is right aound the corner and very easy to reach.

In short, a holiday destination for those who want to enjoy the mountains one day and another day to soak up some culture.

Mountain Sports
A wonderful environment for active mountain sports such as hiking on the many beautiful hiking trails.

In the Kleßheimer Schlosspark is additionally a very nice golf course, tennis courts and a bowling alley.

Water Sports
The region has a lot to offer for water sports.

Admittedly Waltz - Siezenheim has no pool, the surrounding villages offer this though.

Castle Klessheim.
The baroque castle Klessheim was built between 1700 and 1709 by Fischer of Erlach and now houses the Casino.

Also recommended is the Birnbaum at the Walserfeld and the monument commemorating the Battle of Walserfeld in 1800.

Winter sports Winter Untersberg Grödig

Tourist information office

Bundesstraße 5071 Wals - Siezenheim
Telephone: +43 (0)662 851067
Email: info@wals-siezenheim.com
Internet: http://www.wals-siezenheim.com

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