Ainet Summer Vacation 750 meters

Vacation in Ainet

Ainet is located in nature.
Ainet offers nothing more beautiful than the pure enjoyment of nature, so you can forget everything around you.

Take a breath, enjoy the fresh air and experience the beauty around you. Whether you come here for hiking, mountain biking, or simply want to enjoy the tranquility.

Mountain Sports
Hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking or rafting, in this part of the Lienz Dolomites, the right outdoor sport can be found for everyone.

Water Sports
In some villages in the region, water sports are offered, such as rafting and swimming pools.

Ruins Kienburg. Recommended trips are the castle ruins Kienburg and the Natursteinlehrpfad.

Other possible excursions and attractions can be found throughout East Tyrol.

Winter sports Winter Lienzer Bergbahnen

Tourist information office

Nr 90 9951 Ainet
Telephone: +43 (0)212 400

Surrounding Villages
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