Lienz Dolomites

Lienz Dolomites Summer Vacation 973 - 2.200 meters

Vacation in de Lienz Dolomites

The Lienz Dolomites. The summer here is ideal for hiking.
The Lienz Dolomites in Osttirol offer ideal conditions for your best holiday dreams, and in both winter and summer.

The summer here is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, or otherwise to be mostly active in this beautiful landscape.

A wonderful area for a perfect summer vacation in a unique and unspoilt nature, with wild rivers, beautiful flowering meadows and mighty peaks.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Ainet Ainet Lienzer Bergbahnen Lienzer Bergbahnen
Amlach Amlach
Assling Assling
Dölsach Dölsach
Gaimberg Gaimberg
Iselsberg-Stronach Iselsberg-Stronach
Lavant Lavant
Leisach Leisach
Lienz Lienz
Nikolsdorf Nikolsdorf
Nußdorf-Debant Nußdorf-Debant
Oberlienz Oberlienz
Schlaiten Schlaiten
Thurn in Osttirol Thurn in Osttirol
Tristach Tristach

Mountain Sports
A region in Osttirol, which has many mountain sports to offer, whether you want to be active high on the mountain or quiet in the valley to enjoy a wide range of hiking tours and mountain biking, climbing, paragliding and much more.

Water Sports
In this region, but also in the rest of Eastern Tyrol, water sports may be unique.

Plenty of nice pools, great lakes, and other water sports are offered throughout East Tyrol.

Christkindlmarkt in Lienz.
A holiday region, with many sights and attractions, such as the Christkindlmarkt in Lienz.

The region also has several appealing events in the summer months.

Winter sports Winter Lienzer Bergbahnen

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