Lienz Dolomites Sightseeing

Lienzer Dolomiten Summer Vacation


Osttiroler Krampustage

The Krampuswalking early December is a very old tradition. Hand carved masks, thick fur and giant bells create an unforgettable atmosphere. In many villages, the center is closed, and that provides assurance that the great tearing of visitors and especially children (who after the Krampuswalking get treats) can look calmly at the Krampus.

Christkindlmarkt in Lienz

The Hauptplatz in Lienz is decorated with festive Christmas lights. The Christmasmarkt begins in late November, and here you can find what makes the Christmas season in Austria so pleasant and special.

Obere Altstadt Lienz

The Mediterranean atmosphere invites you to stroll, and promises a unprecedented and unparalleled shopping experience in the Rosengasse and th Johannesplatz. An extensive and varying range of medium markets, bakeries and cake shops, cafes, restaurants, clothing shops, bookstores, jewelry, sports shops, gift shops and so on.