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Vacation in Bregenz

Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg.
Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, and enjoys a special flair.

Lake Constance is prominently present, and is a real crowd puller.

The city is best known for the annual festival in which Operas are performed on a stage in Lake Constance.

The Seepromenade is a lovely walk along and enjoying the lake, the harbor and the beach.

From here you can also take a boat trip on the lake, something definitely recommended.

Mountain Sports
The offer in and around the city is mostly water sports and culture.

Still you can enjoy various forms of mountaineering not far from the city.

For example, on the house mountain of the region, the Pfänder, where you also can enjoy a magnificent view.

Water Sports
Four countries, one lake, a thousand possibilities and they speak one language here. And in all seasons.

The third largest lake in central Europe is divided into Upper Lake and Lower Lake.

Those who want take a look at the city from the lake, best take a trip on a ship of the white fleet of Lake Constance.

The region every summer in July and August, is turned into an international cultural capital.

Spectacular Opera Performances a unique stage built in the Lake.

And Bregenz of course has a lot more sights and attractions to offer, such as the Kunsthaus and Vorarlberg Museum.

Winter sports Winter Pfänderbahn

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