Dornbirn Summer Vacation 436 meters

Vacation in Dornbirn

Dornbirn is sometimes called the garden city.
Dornbirn is sometimes called the garden city, and is surrounded by mountains and a reed landscape.

It is the largest city in the region, and loved as a buying center.

The center with the parish and town houses from three centuries is characteristic.

In the center are also frequent festivals and markets.

Mountain Sports
Around Dornbirn many mountain sports are offered, such as on the View Mountain the Karren, which you can reach by cable car or on foot and where various walking paths are by the mountain nature.

Water Sports
Waldbad Enz, a beautifully situated outdoor swimming pool, offers a variety of facilities to enjoy a day of swimming and water.

There are various water sports available in the Dornbirner Ache.

Museum Inatura.
Museum Inatura shows the local fauna and plants.

The beautiful and interactive nature show ensures that the museum is one of the most visited museums in the region.

Also worth seeing is the largest Rolls Royce museum in the world.

Winter sports Winter Bödele

Tourist information office

Rathausplatz 1 6850 Dornbirn
Telephone: +43 (0)5572 22188

Surrounding Villages
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