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Deutsch - Griffen - Hochrindl Summer Vacation 847 meters

Vacation in Deutsch - Griffen - Hochrindl

Crystal Clean air and blue sky in Deutsch - Griffen - Hochrindl.
Crystal Clean air, blue sky, a lovely alpine pastures and countryside.

This provides Deutsch - Griffen to any traveler.

The village is located 4 kilometers from the main road, has few problems with haze, and is very hospitable.

Enjoy the mountains with a smell of fresh flowers, the sound of rushing mountain streams and a color palette that you can see nowhere else.

Mountain Sports
In Hochrindl region, with the nice valley villages, you can enjoy a truly pasture landscape.

Hiking, or mountain biking, by an almost untouched landscape, with the typical atmosphere, why Carinthia is so famous.

Water Sports
Unfortunately, the village offers no opportunities for swimming, and no other water sports.

Pfarrkirche St. Jakobus d. Ä.
Worth seeing are the beautiful parish church of St. Jakobus d. Ä. and the Pfarrstadl, which dates from the 18th century.

Winter sports Winter Hochrindl

Tourist information office

Sirnitz 56 9571 Sirnitz
Telephone: +43 (0)4279 24012

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