Drobollach am Faaker See Summer Vacation 554 - 780 meters

Vacation in Drobollach am Faaker See

Drobollach is a truly lovely village in southern Carinthia.
Drobollach am Faaker See See guarantees Sun in any season.

A small, but truly lovely village in southern Carinthia, with a breathtaking view of the Faaker See and surrounded by a magnificent mountain panorama with the powerful Mittagskogel.

Mountain Sports
Around the village, everyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery, on beautiful trails, flowering meadows and dark forests.

Water Sports
The Faaker See offers various possibilities for water sports. Sailing, surfing, fishing and swimming are a favorite summer activity.

And, almost nowhere else, it is more beautiful than on the side of the turquoise blue lake.

The Friedenskapelle.
The Friedenskapelle Drobollach is a beautiful monument, amidst soft green hills and mountains with magnificent views of the Faaker See. Worth visiting!

Winter sports Winter Gerlitzen

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