Eggenburg Summer Vacation 325 meters

Vacation in Eggenburg

Eggenburg offers an exciting trip.
Enjoy an exciting trip and the ambience of the city.

Behind the mighty walls and towers of Eggenburg, you can find unique monuments and museums.

But also to the old houses, from the Renaissance and Baroque, the beautiful churches and the old streets and squares.

Behind the mighty walls and towers of Eggenburg, you will find unique monuments and museums.

Here time is enchanting.

Mountain Sports
The region is a destination for anyone who wants to be active, for example, during bike rides or walks through the very beautiful nature.

Water Sports
The local outdoor swimming pool is special, with a slide of 48 meters and a heated outdoor pool.

Veste Eggenburg.
Powerful is the old Bergfried from the 12th century, towers in the sky.

He is the stately remnant of the old castle, the Veste Eggenburg.

Winter sports Winter Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Krahuletzplatz 1 3730 Eggenburg
Telephone: +43 (0)2984 3400

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