Straß im Straßertale

Straß im Straßertale Summer Vacation 208 meters

Vacation in Straß im Straßertale

Straß im Straßertale lies on the border with the Weinviertel.
Strass im Straßertale is located on the south side of the Waldviertel, on the border with the Weinviertel.

A beautiful landscape, characterized by hills, vineyards and forests. An area for walking, enjoying and relaxing.

Mountain Sports
A wonderful area if you want to walk through the beautiful landscape.

For those who love to climb, an appropriate region, for example in Kletterpark Rosenburg.

Archery is offered on site.

Water Sports
Water sports such as swimming, fishing and canoeing, are offered in the surrounding villages.

Worth seeing are the church "Maria Himmelfahrt" Straß, the Lourdesgrotte, Marienschlössel Wiedendorf, Ruine Falkenberg, the Fassbinderei- und Weinbaumuseum, and the Bildstockwanderweg.

Winter sports Winter Lower Austria

Tourist information office

Marktplatz 18 , 3491 Straß im Straßertale
Telephone: +43 (0)2735 2495

Surrounding Villages
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